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April 21 2018

Cat Sticking Out Tongue
Vegan Junk Food Bar Amsterdam
Loaded Fries. Absolutely disgusting and delicious. I didn’t think I’d be able to. But I did.
Vegan Junk Food Bar Amsterdam
Vegan Junk Food Bar Amsterdam
Zombie ATM
This ATM looked like something out of the set for Last of Us. Or some kind of post apocalyptic movie.

January 06 2018


March 05 2017


February 21 2017


August 31 2015

Photo taken on August 31, 2015 at 02:25AM
via Do Camera ift.tt/1fQKYbF

April 17 2015

August 29 2014

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ALS #icebucket challenge

August 28 2014

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#icebucketchallenge do you really want to see me get wet?
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#icebucketchallenge yes
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#icebucketchallenge no
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